Our team


Vortex Racing is participating in the F1 in School competition and is made up of six students from The Heritage Private School. Each of the six members brings a unique aspect to the team, giving us that extra advantage over our competitors. We are one of the only two teams in Limassol, and if we win the National Competition we will be representing Cyprus in the International Races. However without your support we cannot achieve any of that because just like in the real Formula 1 racing, parts are not cheap and we need your support with purchasing equipment and parts that will allow us to transform our CAD design into detailed parts. Lastly, we represent our school and there will be lots of publicity on the school grounds therefore allowing parents to see us and also your company.

Elvin Tiagi

Team Leader

As Team Leader not only does Elvin bring his extensive leadership skills but also his knowledge of his team's skills to maximize their potential.

Yanzhi Chen (Tom)

Graphic Designer

As most revolutionary and innovative graphic designer Yanzhi (Tom) conveys the teams winning spirit in his art. The image of the team is just as important as its members.

Yulin Chen (Aaron)

Manufacture Engineer

The manufacture engineer brings his impeccable knowledge and priceless experience in maths and physics. He always finds work around and ventures into the unknown.

Daksh Negi

Design Engineer

Completing the design engineering team is Daksh with his motivation and drive to win and succeed. He will stay overnight to find that extra second that will lead us to victory

Zhixian Xu (Gary)

Research Engineer

With a reputation of success Gary has outstanding knowledge of mechanics and aerodynamics and that is why he fits into the role of our research engineer, providing the necessary simulation info to our design engineer team.

Aleksander Legowski

Marketing and Resource Manager

With his unlimited number of contacts Alex brings the team the right sponsors, with the right resources. He has business in his blood and this is what helps him achive such great sucess in his field.